Message from President Claude Fort, P.E.


Dear Sisters and Brothers of Local 375

Saturday May 9 is the first day of the preparatory classes for those of you who will be taking the Associate Project Manager (APM) Civil Service Exam on June 23.
The training classes will be held at the Norman Thomas High School auditorium, located at 111 East 33rd Street, (corner of Park Ave.) from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. If you registered for the classes, please be there. Test prep. materials may be picked up at the DC 37 headquarters at 125 Barclay St, Room 202 during the following dates:

Message from President Claude Fort, P.E.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Local 375,

Members have been calling the Local to inquire about the January 27, 2015, Snow day. I want you to know that we have been assured by our DC 37 Attorneys that they will take all the necessary steps to fight any and all deductions from your annual leave account on a Citywide basis, for that day. Based on all the information that we were given the day before (Jan 26) and all the restrictions on road traveling, subway closing etc.., we feel confident that we will prevail. The DC 37 Research and Negotiations Department is also looking for any communication that members received from their respective agencies, regarding the  Snow Storm. This information will be useful when we put a claim against the City for the Snow day. I am asking all of our Chapter presidents to collect this information and forward it to the Local. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

In December 2013, Local 375 filed a petition with the Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) to represent the Administrative titles (M1s) who are currently managerial but doing our work.  After a series of meetings between the Union and OCB, a survey was sent out to all employees in these titles. The City is being very cooperative and we have all indications that the Local will be successful in our efforts to bring hundreds of new members into our Union.

The Local is currently in discussion with the DC 37 Education Department to arrange for test preparation classes for members who will take civil service examinations this year. We are looking for instructors who can provide the training, especially for the Associate Project Manager as well as the Associate Housing Development Specialist test. Registration for both exams will be in March 2015. We will keep you informed. Any suggestions, please call 212 815-1375.

Message from President Claude Fort, P.E.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Local 375,

Local 375 has achieved a lot for our members in 2014, due in large part to your continuous support. With your help, we will achieve more in 2015.  As the year is drawing to an end, we thank you for your contribution to our union and the labor movement and wish you and your family a safe, happy and enjoyable holiday. 

Thank you.

Local 375 Update Message from President Claude Fort, P.E.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Local 375,

For those of you who work for a mayoral agency, this Friday, you should receive the retroactive payment for the first and second 1% as well as the $1,000 signing bonus.

The NYC Transit has scheduled tentative dates for payments of the raises & retro on November 6 and December 4.

Negotiations with the School Construction Authority are in progress.

On October 7, 2014 we held an internal DC 37 meeting in preparation for negotiations with the City University of New York.

The City has come up with a revised provisional reduction plan mostly through competitive examination. They expect this revised plan will address as many as 8,666 provisionals. It is expected that 7,044 will be addressed by exam administration and up to another 1,622 through targeted reclassification.

The 5 year plan that began in 2008 has reduced the number of provisionals from 37,797 to 22,939 as of August 2014. A more comprehensive review of the plan by the Union continues.

Local 375 is making good progress with our initiative to represent employees in administrative titles (M1). So far we've had two productive meetings with the New York City Office of Labor Relations. A Survey will be sent out to all the administrative employees' level 1, to be completed over the next few weeks.

The Local will hold its annual membership meeting on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 5:30 pm preceding the Delegates meeting.

Local 375 Annual membership meeting on Wednesday October 22, 2014

To All Members of Local 375,

The Local will hold its annual membership meeting on Wednesday October 22, 2014, preceding the Delegates meeting. Please make every effort to attend. Please click here for the flyer.

Contract Payments Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Local 375,

This is an update on the Pay dates for DC 37 Economic Contract Raises. The money will start coming in your paycheck of September 26, 2014, which is this week. Remember to review carefully your paycheck to make sure that you get the right amount. If not, please contact your respective payroll department for any error that may occur. Please click here to read the info.

In Solidarity.
Claude Fort, P.E.
President, Local 375

Update on Contract Negotiation

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The Union and the City met for three days: Wednesday, June 25, Monday, June 30, and Tuesday, July 1, 2014, and engaged in intense contract negotiations. Late Tuesday night, a tentative agreement was reached. 53 Local Presidents, including myself, participated in these negotiations. Being the voice of our Local 375 members, I made many attempts to change the 1%, 1%, 1% to at least a 2%, 2%, 2% for the first 3 years (2011, 2012, 2013) to improve the proposal, but this is a democratic process. In the end, the outcome is as follows:


- The proposal is for a period of 88 months from March 3, 2010 to July 2, 2017.

There will be a ratification bonus of $1,000 for everyone who is on the payroll at the time of ratification.


- The total wage increases compounded will be 10.41% distributed as follows:


• September 3, 2011: 1%

• September 3, 2012: 1% compounded

• September 3, 2013: 1% compounded

• September 3, 2014: 1.5% compounded

• September 3, 2015: 2.5% compounded

UFT contract and our own negotiations

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

On May 1, 2014, the United Federation of teachers and the Department of Education announced that they have come to a tentative agreement on a contract. The proposed contract includes 18% in raises: retroactive payments of 4% & 4% for two years, from November 1 2009 to October 31 2011 and 10% over 7 years as follows: 1% starting May 1, 2013; 1% starting May 1, 2014;1% starting May 1, 2015; 1.5% starting May 1, 2016; 2.5% starting May 1, 2017; 3% starting May 1, 2018. UFT members will also receive a ratification bonus of $1,000 pensionable. The retroactive money will be distributed in increments over a 5-year period starting October 1, 2015 and ending October 1, 2020.There will be significant Health care savings expected for fiscal years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, without any adverse impact on the healthcare benefits to the members.
     One very significant aspect of this negotiation is the fact that members are guaranteed not to pay towards their healthcare coverage, at least until 2018 when there will be a new round of bargaining. Also important, there will be additional money in the welfare funds for prescription drugs coverage, or improvement in the dental, podiatry or optical plan. Maintaining the healthcare benefits for the members and their families without additional costs to them is a big relief and a significant achievement. Not every union has achieved that, for example, the TWU members must now pay 2% of their salary towards their healthcare coverage, State workers pay a significant percentage of their healthcare expenses. For those of you who are familiar with healthcare costs, you know how important it is to maintain the healthcare benefits.
     With the UFT contract now settled and the pattern established, we can expect our own contract with the City to be settled soon. 

President Fort's Speach for Legislative Breakfast, April 24, 2014

Greetings Sisters & Brothers:

I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join me in this discussion on the most critical issues facing our Local today.

Our meeting today marks the beginning of a series of discussions on the issues facing public sector workers in the City. Top of the list on the agenda is the issue of privatization.  Work that can be done more efficiently and economically by civil servants has been farmed out to private contractors for far too long.  City Hall and the unions must find a way to reverse the practice of farming out and bring the work back to the City’s unionized workforce.

The one-in-three rule which allows managers to selectively exclude some workers from civil service appointments and promotions must be repealed and replaced with a commitment to hire workers based upon their merit and fitness for the position as determined by their score on the relevant civil service exam.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the public sector workers of this city have gone far too long without a contract.  City Hall must sit down with the leaders of labor and commit to a contract that provides those who serve this city with a salary that is fair and allows these workers and their families to enjoy the benefits that this city has to offer.

Again, I thank you for coming today and I look forward to working with you to tackle these important issues. (Please click here for full Booklet)

In Solidarity.
Claude Fort, P.E.
President, Local 375

Unions under attack

Sisters and Brothers

News from AFSCME
"Our union is under a highly coordinated and heavily funded attack by those who believe workers should have no right to collective bargaining or a contract. They are stripping our members of their basic rights in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. In the Harris v. Quinn case now before the Supreme Court, they seek to effectively outlaw collective bargaining for public employees. It is an unprecedented, relentless effort to steal union members' voices, power and financial security." Those were the words of AFSCME President Lee Saunders in a message to all AFSCME members.

Organizing Campaign
Sisters and Brothers we are asking you to join us in a campaign to get agency fee payers, non-members to sign the union card to become full members before the Supreme Court ruling comes out in June. We as a union and you as public workers have a lot to lose. Losing this case would seriously damage the Union and its ability to defend, protect and fight for you and your benefits could be seriously affected. Let's stand together to fight back. Let's organize to get all agency fee payers become full members. Let's unite for a stronger community, a stronger and larger middle class, a better society and a better life not only for us and our families, but for every worker in this City and every worker in every City in this country, and for every worker everywhere.


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