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What's At Stake

Get the facts on Janus. A case before the Supreme Court threatens the rights of all public sector workers to organize and have a voice on the job. Every single AFSCME member needs to know what’s at stake, so check out our guide to Janus to learn the facts

Another union difference. Sanitation work is the fifth-deadliest job in the United States. It’s more dangerous than being a police officer or a firefighter. But unionized, public sector sanitation workers enjoy much safer conditions than their private-sector counterparts, according to a new report in Pro Publica.

A warning on infrastructure. President Trump plans to release his infrastructure plan soon, and it could very well make our nation’s fragile infrastructure even worse. Between privatization, outsourcing, and the likelihood of costs being shifted to strapped state budgets, there could be even less money available for making our road and bridges more safe and secure — and less accountability for the use of public funds for these projects.

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Do you have questions about your union? How AFSCME works, its structure, its leadership, or how it gets involved in politics? AFSCME Never Quits is our new guide that can help answer your questions. It’s a great resource to share with your coworkers who want to know more about the union that never quits on public service workers.

Building Stronger Unions, Building Stronger Communities

- By Gregory N. Heires
The decline of unions since the 1970s accounts for about a third of the growth in inequality in the United States — a gap that now mirrors the sharp economic divide of the Great Depression, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute. (click here for full story)

Union Fights State Workers’ Compensation Changes

The union is taking part in an all-out effort to fight proposed changes to the workers’ compensation system in New York — changes that affect all workers injured on the job. The NYS Workers Compensation Board has proposed medical treatment guidelines and regulations that would eliminate monetary awards for dozens of arm and leg injuries, while also denying workers the right to have an independent medical examination. (click here to read full blog)

Union and City Start Contract Talks

DC 37 started bargaining talks with the city for a new economic agreement on Nov. 14 with both sides expressing hope to wrap up negotiations quickly.

“I can’t overemphasize that we need a contract now,” DC 37 Executive Henry Garrido told Labor Commissioner Robert W. Linn at the opening bargaining session. “Our members deserve a raise as soon as possible.” (please click here to read the full article)

Why labor rights are civil rights

By Henry Garrido from NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

“All labor has dignity.” - Martin Luther King

Throughout his life, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. argued that the struggles for civil rights and economic rights were one and the same. He was murdered in 1968 while defending those beliefs in Memphis, Tenn., where he stood in solidarity with 1,300 striking sanitation workers. These workers, virtually all of them African-American, were members of Local 1733 of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, District Council 37's national union. (Please click here to read the full article)

WOC visit the Fearless Girl site

Hi! I’m Annette Brown, WOC Chairperson and I’m with members of the Women’s Organizing Committee.  On Wednesday, June 28, 2017 the WOC visit the Fearless Girl site (see photo) in lower Manhattan (Financial District).  The Fearless Girl has brought so many people around the world to its site, every day when I go to the Union Office at 2 Broadway, I witness so many people, men and women standing proudly posing with the Fearless Girl in front of a camera!  She (Fearless Girl) has brought so much meaning to that location across from the bull.

The Women Organizing Committee is a group of Strong Fearless Empowering Women Standing in Solidarity like the Fearless girl.  I have read a quote that states “The fearless girl stands as a reminder that having more women in leadership positions strengthen our workforce & economy”.  I believe that to be true, don’t you?  What is your opinion of the Fearless Girl, I would like to know?  Send your opinions to

Join the WOC today, we love to have you…

Local 375 WOC Celebrated Women’s History Month

L375 Women’s Organizing Committee (WOC) celebrated Women’s History month on March 8, 2017 (see photo). It was a great celebration to acknowledge all women of the past and present whom fought hard for women’s  rights-to-vote, end violence, racial inequity and protecting environmental justice, LGBT, immigrants and worker rights.

WOC Chair Annette Brown  said, “Women are like beautiful palm trees…we bend...but won’t break… Sisters Stand Strong in Solidarity and make that Change!”

WOC values defines what the committee stands for which are: Respect, Honesty and Integrity.  It’s the fabric that guides each sister’s decision and action.  Stand in Solidarity is an important piece of a union structure!   


Free Tax Preparation Options for 2017

In 2016, DC 37 helped thousands of members get $10 million in refunds and savings on expensive tax preparation. If you (and your spouse*) earn less than the income ceilings below, or you are eligible for free or reduced lunch programs, you may qualify for this free tax filing assistance. (*Spouse's income must be included if you are filing jointly). Please click here for detail information.


DC37 Endorses Mayor Bill de Blasio for Re-Election

An enthusiastic crowd gathered at union headquarters on Jan. 26 to support New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for a second term.


Activists Send Trump a Message at Women’s March on Washington

Answering a groundswell call to action, DC 37 activists joined hundreds of thousands of pink-hatted protesters at the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. on Jan. 21, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration (see photo).