Local 375 Proposed Amended Constitution

Dear members,

A committee of seven (7) local presidents worked with the Administratorship to improve the Local 375 Constitution. The primary purpose of these changes is to revise or remove conflicting provisions in the current constitution, revise or remove unenforceable provisions in the current constitution and to streamline governance. You the membership will decide if the amended constitution makes sense and allows Local 375 to move forward. A constitutionally required set of meetings and an opportunity for all members to vote on the amended constitution has been scheduled. Both meetings are at DC 37; 125 Barclay St. The first meeting will be on Wednesday, May 30th from 9-11 am in Room #9. This meeting is specifically scheduled to accommodate members that work 2nd shift. It will include a reading of the amendments and an opportunity to vote on them. The second meeting will also be on May 30th from 5-9 pm in Rooms #2,3 & 4. Voting will begin at 5 pm, the reading of the amendments will begin at 6 pm. Ballots from both meetings will be combined to determine an outcome.

Click here for a red-line version of the proposed amended constitution.